When Personalized Learning Isn’t High-Tech: Some Solutions from the Better Together: California: Teachers Summit 2018

By Henry Kronk August 03, 2018

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Discussion around personalized learning typically revolves around the technology being developed to aid teachers in instruction. Tech leaders Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates—through their charitable foundations—have begun to pour money into developing the pedagogy. “The real power of artificial intelligence for education is in the way that we can use it to process vast amounts of data about learners, about teachers, about teaching and learning interactions,” said Rose Luckin, a professor of learning-centered design at University College London, according to The Atlantic. “[It can] help teachers understand their students more accurately, more effectively.” That means logging data, tracking student progress, and in some cases even employing adaptive algorithms to deliver educational content to students. But at the Better Together: California Teacher’s Summit this past week, many instructors presented personalized learning strategies that were specifically low-tech.

For Educators and Administrators, Summit Learning Works

By Henry Kronk July 10, 2018

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Based on numerous factors, Summit Learning comes off as suspect to many parents around the U.S. Those parents, however, are far in the minority. Over 330 schools currently participate in the Summit Learning Program. Schools that have tried and later rejected the platform would make up about 1-2% of current users. Within that group, most, if not all, of those who have rejected the platform have done so at the behest of parents. Administrators and teachers have never led the charge against it. In fact, most adopters tend to like it.

Why Do So Many Parents Opt Out of Summit Learning?

By Henry Kronk July 09, 2018

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parents protest Milwaukee schools

While their children turned in final assignments and took tests to wrap up another year of school, a group of parents in a Milwaukee suburb were busy working on a different project. They had been drawn together after arriving at the same conclusion: a new personalized learning platform their school had implemented wasn’t a good fit for their child.

SelfStudy Hopes to Continue the MOOC Revolution with AI-Powered Personalized Learning

By Henry Kronk April 26, 2018

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SelfStudy is a platform that uses machine learning algorithms to keep professionals up-to-date and in the know in their respective fields. On Saturday, they will make their first public demonstration at the annual International Anesthesiology Research Society (IARS) meeting.