The First Blended Law School Program Just Graduated Its First Class

By Henry Kronk January 09, 2018

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law school

Two years ago, Mitchell Hamline had to get special permission from the ABA to proceed with their blended residency program. If something isn’t adding up, then your deductive skills are sharp. Law school typically takes three years. The 16 who graduated earlier this month, however, packed in more coursework than the typical law student in order to complete their program ahead of schedule.

Wary of Online Degrees? There’s Probably a Residency Program in Your Field

By Henry Kronk December 03, 2017

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Undoubtedly, the isolating nature of online programs have kept learners from enrolling, especially those who thrive in a social setting. For other degrees, some things simply can’t be taught online. What many learners do not realize, however, is that many programs offer in-person residencies for online degrees in almost every field.

University of Colorado Is Set to Overhaul Their Online Programs

By Henry Kronk November 21, 2017

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Colorado University

The University of Colorado is currently in the midst of an effort to bring more of their courses online. A team of administrators is hoping to make it easier for professors to teach online classes and even offer some degrees for remote students. Last week, the CU Board of Regents and University Affairs cast their […]