DeVos Rolls Back Gainful Employment Regulations; The Internet Reacts

By Henry Kronk August 11, 2018

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On Friday, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced plans to all but do away with Obama era regulations imposed on for-profit colleges to faithfully report on and help secure gainful employment for their graduates.

The For-Profit Education Old Guard Has More to Worry About Than Government Regulation

By Henry Kronk March 22, 2018

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The explosion of for-profit education occurred during a time when the availability of federal student loans was also drastically increasing. These institutions receive over 90% of their gross revenue from what students pay compared to, at most, 40% at non-profits.

Disruption in For-Profit Education: Is the Bridgepoint Education Shakeup an Anomaly or a Trend?

By Henry Kronk March 17, 2018

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Many involved in the industry don’t know quite what to make of these recent upheavals. On the one hand, it appears the Obama-era effort to hold for-profit education to a greater accountability seems to have successfully shutdown or hamstrung companies conducting fraudulent practices.

DeVos Wants to Make it Harder for Defrauded Students to Receive Loan Forgiveness

By Henry Kronk January 04, 2018

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While for-profit deregulation seems by and large to be a project for DeVos, the head of her administration also has some skin in the game. While it was hardly the most widespread, Trump University might have been the most notorious and egregious for-profit “college.” The institution did not settle with the federal government because New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman got to it first.

For-Profit Institutions Capella and Strayer Merge to the Tune of $1.9 Billion

By Henry Kronk October 30, 2017

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Strayer shareholders will control 52% of the new entity while Capella shareholders will get the rest. Both companies are publicly traded and, following the deal, Strayer’s shares rose 7% while Capella’s gained 27%.

The Other Problem with Coding Boot Camps

By Henry Kronk October 24, 2017

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“In order to obtain a SED license, a non-degree granting career school must meet a number of criteria, including using an approved curriculum and employing a licensed director and teachers. The school must also demonstrate financial viability.”