The Tinder of Learning Wants to Bring Braindates to Your Community

By Noemie Bourbonnais October 29, 2017

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By combining principles of on-demand learning with authentic learning, E180 brings a real-life twist to an intuitive model of e-learning. The familiar approach, shared by platform like Skillshare, TEDxEd, or Khan Academy, allows the user to easily choose what they want to share and learn, from a carefully curated list of topics.

Singapore’s Counter-Terrorism App and ELearning Initiative Has Officially Flopped

By Henry Kronk October 21, 2017

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“Seriously, you used 14MB of data just to show 2 alerts, both of which contain just a short paragraph of text?” asks Khairuddin Bin Ali. “What are you downloading/uploading that requires so much data? And don’t even get me started on how you need to turn on location to view the alerts.”

13 Apps eLearning Professionals Use

By Sherman Morrison September 27, 2017

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Apps eLearning professionals can't live without

eLearning professionals are under ever-increasing pressure to produce more and better content while at the same time proving the effectiveness and value of their efforts. In the face of mounting pressure, here are 13 apps eLearning professionals use to get the job done.