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NMSI Launches Military Families Mission Program in Nine New Schools

By eLearning Inside
November 14, 2022

National Veterans and Military Families Month in November provide the opportunity to honor and celebrate the country’s nearly 5.2 million service members and family. To further support these efforts, the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) announces nine new Military Family Schools through its Military Families Mission. This program focuses on communities, schools and students in military-impacted communities to ensure high-quality STEM education.

With military-connected students moving anywhere from six to nine times throughout their elementary and secondary school years, NMSI leans on the College Board’s Advanced Placement framework to create consistent learning all over the country. This ensures that students can stay on track academically and that they can progress without having to start over once they reach a new school.

Making sure students do not fall behind

“The success that we’ve seen with our current Military Family Schools led us to take the initiative to spread this program to even more families moving with the military,” said Dr. Bernard Harris, Executive Director of Business Development and Fundraising. “Being a national leader in STEM education, our goal is to allow all students the chance to receive a well-rounded education no matter what their background is. We couldn’t be more grateful to spread STEM education to military families across the United States.”

As a member of the U.S. Department of Defense STEM Education Consortium, NMSI is committed to helping the department improve access for all students to pursue STEM careers and consider defense laboratories as places of employment. After one year in NMSI’s College Readiness Program (CRP), students at military-impacted schools average a 45 percent increase in mastery of college-level concepts in math and science — compared to the national average increase of 5.6 percent.

Creating better access to STEM careers

“It’s difficult to be a student that is moving from place to place, let alone one that has an interest in STEM,” said Lois Lopez, Director of the Department of Defense STEM. “The Military Family Schools program allows for our future STEM leaders to stay on track to learn what they need to progress at a normal pace.”

The nine new schools being added to NMSI’s Military Family Schools Program are:

  • Vierra High School, Brevard School District in Florida
  • Satellite High School, Brevard School District in Florida
  • Chattahoochee County High School, Chattahoochee County School District in Georgia
  • Hoke County High School, Hoke County Schools in North Carolina
  • Central High School, San Angelo ISD in Texas
  • Lake View High School, San Angelo ISD in Texas
  • Byron P. Steele II High School, Schertz-Cibolo Universal City ISD in Texas
  • Samuel Clemens High School, Schertz-Cibolo Universal City ISD in Texas
  • Poquoson High School, Poquoson City Public Schools in Virginia
  • Two districts are hosting events to celebrate the launch of this new program—San Angelo ISD and
  • Schertz-Cibolo Universal City ISD, on November 14th and 15th, respectively.

“Our hope with this program is to lift up the students and families that will be receiving focused support,” Dr. Carl Dethloff of San Angelo ISD. “Knowing that our school will make a difference in the way that military family students learn is incredibly rewarding.”

“Military parents at our school won’t have to worry about their child falling behind in curriculum thanks to the support of the National Math and Science Initiative,” Dr. Clark Ealy, Superintendent of Schertz-Cibolo UCISD school district. “We are looking forward to seeing everything that our students can accomplish with this additional support.”

The National Math and Science Initiative work with communities and local school systems to increase access and achievement in rigorous education, particularly in STEM and especially for students most often underserved and underrepresented in STEM careers. Recent high school graduates who participated in NMSI’s flagship College Readiness Program were more likely than their peers to enroll in a four-year college, persist in college, graduate in four years and pursue STEM or teaching careers.

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