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K-12 Nonprofit Learning Undefeated to Prepare 1M Students for STEM Careers by 2027

By eLearning Inside
May 18, 2022

GAITHERSBURG, MA -STEM education nonprofit Learning Undefeated is introducing a new board chair, Elizabeth Huntley, and two new board members, Kerron Duncan and Lisa Carlton, as well as launching a new goal to prepare one million students for STEM careers within the next five years.

Ascending to Learning Undefeated’s board chair position is Elizabeth Huntley, Head of Business Planning and Operations for the late-stage Respiratory and Immunology clinical development organization at AstraZeneca. “Learning Undefeated is transforming how and where STEM learning takes place, whether it’s bringing a mobile laboratory right to the school parking lot or creating deep-impact programs that reach traditionally underserved student populations,” said Huntley.

“I’m truly proud to be part of Learning Undefeated’s journey to energize one million more students about STEM careers.” 

To her role as board chair, Huntley brings substantive business operations experience along with strategy and transformation, communications, marketing, corporate philanthropy, and a keen understanding of the need for workforce development. Huntley has served the organization in a volunteer leadership capacity since 2008.

In addition to the new board chair, two additional members have joined Learning Undefeated’s board of directors:

Lisa Carlton, Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs at REGENXBIO Inc, a clinical-stage biotechnology company specializing in gene therapy.

Kerron Duncan, Director of Architecture and Engineering, for Northrop Grumman’s Chief Information Office organization.

Since 2003, Learning Undefeated has reached more than 1.2 million students through innovative and experiential education programs for grades K-12.

Widely recognized for its Mobile Labs that bring professional-grade laboratory equipment and the latest technology right to the school parking lot, Learning Undefeated adapted its programming beginning in March 2020 to provide authentic STEM distance learning resources and turnkey experiences for teachers to use in their own digital classrooms, all at no cost.

Learning Undefeated programs foster STEM identity, boost self-efficacy, teach hands-on and critical thinking skills, and empower students to succeed in the workforce of the future. These are part of the nonprofit’s mission to drive race and gender equity in STEM for students and schools from marginalized communities.

Learning Undefeated provides life-changing STEM experiences for under-resourced communities by providing equitable access to education and inspiring students to imagine their own success. Through innovative and experiential education programs for grades K-12, we are promoting gender and race equality in STEM careers and building the workforce that will drive the innovation economy. Learning Undefeated’s flagship education program features mobile STEM labs that have provided hands-on learning opportunities to over one million K-12 students in all 50 states since 2003.

Learning Undefeated also operates several other celebrated STEM education programs, including the Young Science Explorers Program, a summer camp for middle school students, Advancing Tomorrow’s Leaders in STEM (ATLAS) College and Career Exploration Program, STEM Leadership Experience, student competitions, after-school programs, curriculum development, and disaster recovery education.

Featured image: SeventyFour, iStock.