Here Are Some of the Top Ways that the Internet Has Changed the World of Learning

By eLearning Inside
May 11, 2020

In the year 1980, schools were only just starting to include computer courses as a standard practice. In this day and age, students and teachers are now using the internet in so many new ways. There are countless learning tools at everyone’s fingertips and even publishers are starting to use the internet to their advantage too.


When preparing for any kind of research for a homework assignment, 93% of students use Google. Librarians and even educators have all discouraged the use of Wikipedia but at the end of the day, it does seem to be the go-to site for students. They are able to save time and they no longer have to rely on the library to get access to the books they need. The internet has also changed other industries, and not just the educational sector. For example, people can now play blackjack online and bank transfers can be done in a matter of seconds. All of this has revolutionized the way that we conduct our daily lives, so it’s not hard to see that it has had a knock-on effect on the educational sector too.

A person uses a laptop

Online Elements

Students are not the only ones who are able to browse the web in order to do their work. Educators are also using social media in the way that they teach. So many educators are now using social media to try and support class material and this blends in-person lectures along with targeted online content. You end up getting the best of both worlds, and everyone benefits.


Communication was once limited to class time and even planned study groups. In this day and age though, it is very easy to contact a teacher with a question or even connect with your classmates about a group discussion. Keeping up with work is now easier than ever before and students can talk to their teachers from the comfort of their own home.

Online Classes

Another interesting fact is that one-third of students are taking some form of their classes online. The shift to online courses is always growing and it is going to grow even more. This is especially interesting when you look at how the educational sector has thrived over the years and the fact that more and more people are now trying to revert to education in order to progress their career.

Online Learning

As mentioned above, students are now taking some kind of class online. At one point though, online learning was only really done by educators and employers. Normal students did not see the point in enrolling on any kind of course as they could easily attend a local university instead, but now online courses have become much easier to take and you don’t need to provide much information to sign up. On top of that, online qualifications are now much more accepted, which has spurred the growth of online courses even more.

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