Best Apps and Online Services that Help You Study

By eLearning Inside
April 21, 2020

Students and job-seekers are the most vulnerable people online. They are seeking more sufficient ways to live their lives. As a result, many download and use apps that are misleading and fail to complete tasks. Students should use the following criteria to settle on the best apps:

  • Compatibility with your devices
  • Efficiency
  • Review and recommendations from friends
  • Only download from official app stores such as Google apps
  • Read the terms and conditions

Resume and Essay Services

Resume writing sites such as resume writing services for engineers offer the best services for job seekers. The online services save time for all professional job seekers and provide them with quality resumes. A well-written resume accelerates the chances of you getting a job because it sets you apart from others.

On the other hand, essay-writing services come in handy for students. Academic days can be demanding with term papers, research papers for every subject, and homework. The online services guarantee you deliverance of quality essays written by experts.


Evernote is an inexpensive educational application that keeps a record of all your notes, including recording in preparations for exams. Scribbling and eventually missing some of the things taught is outdated. Technology is enabling students to store written, visual, and audio forms of information. You can use their study help website to:

  • Use the Evernote camera to save hard copy primarily handwritten notes because it makes them searchable
  • Record lectures and important talks making sure you don’t miss anything
  • Create a to-do list and set reminders for assignments and deadlines


Mind mapping is a creative way to get information in and out of your brain. With technology came school helping apps and software. The strength of XMind is that you can go back to the mind map and add more information. It is one of the best educational apps in the market because it does all the brainstorming for you. Benefits of mind mapping brought by the app:

  • It helps you stay organized
  • Enables fast learning and revising anywhere and everywhere
  • Allows you to be creative 


Scanmarker is one of the most recommended apps among all websites that will help you study. The application is pen-shaped and is a digital highlighter. Most old documents are never converted, and taking notes by hand can be difficult. You can run this handheld device across a printed material, and it instantly turns into digital text. The device has many beautiful features:

  • Copying the document into a word processor
  • Playing it as audio 
  • Translating the material into other languages

Translation Services

The translation of books and other educational material can help students study efficiently. If you are an international student, translation services can provide you with a good learning experience. Being on the same, level as natives of the institution enables you to get competitive grades. Overcoming the language barrier is one-step close to efficient studying, especially for examinations. Sites such as offer quality translation services. Experts translators, save you time and save you from the embarrassment of doing the wrong thing. Bridging the educational gap helps you meet deadlines and guarantee delivery of quality work. Google translate is one of the best translation services online. It converts over 81 languages and accepts voice audios.

Wolfram Alpha and Other Math Solving Apps

Math and other calculations are very challenging today with the reduced rate of attention span in students. They also require time that you might not have because of a tight schedule. Wolfram and other math solving applications can help you save time and learn better. You can simply type in a math problem and get an instant answer. Wolfram also provides steps followed and the formula used. Other studying websites include:

  • MyScript Calculator
  • Unit Converter
  • MathRef
  • iMathematics Pro

However, the apps can only be beneficial when complimenting other forms of studying. Educators feel that learning apps are affecting cognitive critical thinking ability. Finding a proper balance can enable efficient use of the applications.

MS Office and Other Applications

Microsoft Office includes Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Word is the most used by students to create documents and send them to educator’s emails. The rise of technology has come with different methods of communication. Microsoft office enables students to open and review files from lectures and the internet. Students can create and read documents in word and organize data in Excel. They can effectively present to others using PowerPoint. Write an essay that can come in handy when you are having a good time. Microsoft office is also vital for job seekers. They are required to have skills in some of the packages, especially Word and Excel. They can also utilize it in creating resumes and curriculum vitae. Other applications are Google drive, WPS office, and PDF office. 

Conclusively, as a student and a job, the apps and services above can help you revise and prepare for the exam. You can easily plan an efficient schedule for better learning. Other benefits are access to resources, waking up alerts, health, and fitness. Job seekers require apps to alert them of new openings and other services. 

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