The K-12 Cybersecurity Act of 2021 and The State of Cyber Crime in Education

By Aniqah Majid December 29, 2021

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Man looking at a computer screen full of code.

DECEMBER 29 – The number of reported cyber incidents in K-12 schools and districts in the U.S. stands at 1180. Covid-19 and the introduction of remote and hybrid learning have only made cybercrime more frequent and sophisticated in the education sector. In the past 30 days, Microsoft Security Intelligence has seen 8,253,516 devices in the […]

21st Century Careers: The Technological Revolution and Viable Career Paths

By eLearning Inside December 07, 2021

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Woman working on her laptop.

Even before the pandemic forced everyone inside, our culture was slowly but surely drifting towards the integration of technology. For proof of this, look no further than the development of smartphones and the subsequent generations of the most popular models; each one sleeker, more efficient, able to connect us to the digital world quicker, and […]

The State of Education Cybersecurity: 3 Lessons for Protecting the Post-Covid Classroom

By Matthew Delman November 06, 2021

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As Covid variants make the current school year for both K-12 and higher education a continued balance of hybrid and in-person learning, education institutions are staying firmly in the crosshairs of cyber attackers. Just recently, Stonington Public Schools in Connecticut was forced to bring in a wave of the third-party breach investigation, mitigation, and response […]

FBI Warns of Increasing Cybersecurity Risks at School

By Henry Kronk September 19, 2018

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fbi headquarters j. edgar hoover building, washington, D.C.

Last week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a PSA regarding student cybersecurity. The announcement warns of the growing threat to student data as more and more learning goes online.