Coding Dojo CEO Michael Choi Discusses Where and How to Start a Coding Bootcamp

By Henry Kronk June 23, 2018

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coding dojo

Many people agree why coding bootcamps are important. The tech industry continues to suffer from a skills gap and many companies that haven’t (yet) experienced strong growth struggle to hire qualified developers. But when it comes to the ‘what,’ ‘where,’ and ‘how’ of bootcamps, important decisions need to be made. Coding Dojo, a bootcamp that started in the Bay Area, has recently opened a second campus near Berkeley. eLearning Inside got in touch with CEO Michael Choi to discuss some of the logistics required to keep abreast of in-demand programming skills in the current landscape.

Social Hackers Academy, A Coding Bootcamp In Greece, Is Teaching Web Development to Refugees and Displaced Migrants

By Henry Kronk January 31, 2018

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social hackers academy

Unlike many coding bootcamps that promise jobs upon completion of the program, Social Hacker’s Academy has conducted some extensive outreach to potential employers. According to the NGO, twelve tech companies in Athens alone are interested in hiring their students once they complete their program.

MOOCs, Coding Bootcamps, and Other Online Educators Display a Glaring Lack of Student Support Services

By Henry Kronk October 26, 2017

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When it comes to brick-and-mortar institutions, many studies have found that student support services, especially for certain populations, is tantamount to the quality of education itself in terms of teaching effectively.