Woz U Partners with NJIT to Offer Cybersecurity and Programming Courses

By Henry Kronk June 02, 2018

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Woz U bills itself as an education as a service (EaaS) business. While they began last year with some online courses in coding and cybersecurity, they’ve begun to branch out in 2018 to partner with universities, teach in-person lessons, provide educational content, and more. This week, they announced a new partner: the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

Soon, Both Students and Teachers Will Be (Online Learning) Digital Natives

By Henry Kronk May 22, 2018

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digital natives

Much has been made for nearly the last two decades about digital natives in the context of education. First described by Marc Plensky in a 2001 landmark essay published in On the Horizon, these are the learners that grew up in the digital age. They spent more hours as young people watching TV or playing video games than they did reading. And, as some continue to complain today, they’re taught by digital immigrants.

How eLeaP Is Optimizing Its LMS for Learners in Ghana

By Henry Kronk May 18, 2018

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Numerous factors, such as mobile infrastructure, access to devices, government regulation, and even geography factor in to the learning experience in any region. Don Weobong, CEO and founder of the learning management system eLeaP, has been working to optimize his product for a West African context.

In Nigeria, Most Tech Workers Train Themselves. That’s Where DoviLearn Comes In.

By Henry Kronk May 17, 2018

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Edtech in Nigeria and West Africa has greatly expanded in recent years. But, as an industry, it’s still very new to the region. When Dovichi and DoviLearn founder Okeke Vincent Chidozie was growing his businesses, he struggled to train his employees effectively.

Ontario Partners with LinkedIn’s Lynda to Offer Free Online Courses to Over 1 Million Learners

By Henry Kronk May 04, 2018

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If online courses and eLearning have any advantage over traditional education, it’s scalability. On Thursday, the government of Ontario proved that in spades by making LinkedIn’s Lynda courses available to all students at the 44 universities and colleges in the province. The initiative is a collaboration between eCampusOntario, Ontario’s Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) and LinkedIn. More than one million college students, staff, and faculty members will have access to the online courses.

Some Colleges See Online Learning as ‘Less Than.’ But a New ASU Study Suggests High Quality Online Courses Result in a Solid ROI

By Henry Kronk May 02, 2018

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online learning

Many educators and administrators find value in eLearning, online learning, and digital education in general—but is it a good investment? A team of researchers from the Arizona State University (ASU) Action Lab at EdPlus and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) sought to answer that question with a recent study. Their conclusions were, by and large, in the affirmative.

Are Learning Management Systems Worth Improving?

By Sherman Morrison April 20, 2018

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learning management systems

As early as 2007 there were people claiming that the learning management system (LMS) as a tool to facilitate learning and training was either dead or dying, despite the fact that it was still a relatively novel product for many businesses and schools. The debate over the utility and relevance of the LMS has continued right up until the present day, in spite of how much the learning landscape and LMS offerings themselves have changed over the years. The question now is perhaps better positioned this way: Are learning management systems are worth improving?

How Net Neutrality Impacts eLearning: Trouble on the Horizon?

By Sherman Morrison April 19, 2018

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net neutrality impacts elearning

If net neutrality goes away, carriers will be free to cater to their most lucrative customers, possibly at the expense of others. It seems obvious that society very much depends on open, unfettered access to the Internet. Anything less than that will surely wind up putting some people at a disadvantage.

Medical and Healthcare eLearning: Is it Effective?

By Sherman Morrison March 08, 2018

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healthcare elearning

Although eLearning has been embraced as an effective way to manage and distribute the  training programs of businesses, schools and organizations across all sectors of society, there are still skeptics. This skepticism can be viewed as a good thing as it serves as a check on those who might otherwise blindly follow the trends rather than ask such hard questions as whether or not eLearning is truly effective. One of the areas where this debate is taking place is in medical and healthcare eLearning. Has eLearning proven itself to be an effective tool for doctors and other healthcare providers?

There’s a Skills Gap in Commercial Baking; This eLearning Course Is Here to Help

By Henry Kronk January 28, 2018

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skills gap

We’ve all heard about the skills gap in the tech industry, but in the world of baking, a gap in baking knowledge is even more pressing. While it’s difficult to quantify, a recent report states, “As many as 700,000 jobs will be created due to natural business growth