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Latest EdTechnically episodes:

  1. College Board Trends Report: Higher Education Still Pays
  2. edX Announces Stackable Undergraduate Credit: MicroBachelors
  3. The 2020s: Nascent Technologies that Show Promise in Education
  4. Regulators Are Catching Up to Virtual Charter School Growth, But Fraud Persists
  5. Education and EdTech in the 2010s: A Lost Decade or a Period of Progress?
  6. Coursera for Business Announces 100% YoY Growth
  7. What Happens to Teachers When Online Students Miss a Class?
  8. Researchers Propose Mobile Apps as a Way to Spread Climate Change Awareness
  9. 27% of Edtech Licenses Go Unused: LearnPlatform Report
  10. Humanoid Robot Teachers Are Here
  11. How eLeaP Redesigned Its LMS for the Future of Workforce Development
  12. EdTech Startups Are Gaining Users and VC Funding Via an Old Medium: Print
  13. ASU and Sprint Are Launching a Wide-Ranging IoT and 5G Initiative
  14. 2U Continues to Sign New Clients, Despite Summer Setbacks
  15. D2L CEO John Baker: “We’re leveraging AI to make the educational experience more human.”
  16. Does University Size Affect Online Rankings?
  17. 1 in 5 Cybersecurity Attacks Targeted Professional Education Between April and June
  18. Senators Raise Concern Over Edtech Data Collection Processes
  19. Professor Heidi Kloos Found Benefits of a Personalized Learning App. But Teachers Don’t Want to Use it.
  20. Pushback Against the Cengage-McGraw Hill Merger: What is at Stake and What Comes Next?
  21. A Committee Wants to Bring Maine Law Online But the American Bar Association Stands in the Way
  22. Pearson Is Going “Digital” First With Their College Textbook Catalogue
  23. Instructure Eyes Adaptive Personalized Learning: CEO Dan Goldsmith in Conversation
  24. RYOBI, an Edtech Robot Manufacturer, Raises $4.5 Million in Seed Funding
  25. Study Finds That at Summer Camp, Students Feel Relieved to Leave Their Devices and Social Media Behind
  26. Students Will Soon Be Able to Ask Alexa for Help Studying the ACT
  27. Opting in and Out of Classroom Devices: 8 Things Districts Consider
  28. A Group of Researchers Designed an AR Component for a Geopark
  29. Project Chimera Uses VR to Put Remote Students in the Classroom
  30. Are online courses well-suited for big introductory college classes?
  31. Cengage and McGraw-Hill Are Merging: How Will This Affect Teachers and Learners?
  32. Should eLearning Be Mandatory in High School?
  33. 30 Years of Corporate Training & Education Technology – Bill West (Regatta VR CEO)
  34. Does Online Learning Improve Equity in Education? – Improving Equity in Education
  35. Chronas Provides a Google Maps of History with Over 50 Million Data Points
  36. Corporate Training Delivered Via 3D Game-Based Environments – Douglas Seifert (Syandus CEO)
  37. Who Are Online Students & What Are the Qualities of a Successful Online Student
  38. Investigating Screen Time in Edtech: Correlation vs. Causation
  39. What Do Online Program Managers Do? – Online Program Management
  40. The Non-Profit/OPM Pivot: How Some For-Profit Colleges Survive a Regulation-Heavy Climate: EdTech
  41. Measuring Learner Engagement with AI and a Webcam?
  42. Does Mobile Learning Lead to Device Addiction? – Challenges of Mobile Learning


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