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Latest EdTechnically episodes:

  1. A Group of Researchers Designed an AR Component for a Geopark
  2. Project Chimera Uses VR to Put Remote Students in the Classroom
  3. Are online courses well-suited for big introductory college classes?
  4. Cengage and McGraw-Hill Are Merging: How Will This Affect Teachers and Learners?
  5. Should eLearning Be Mandatory in High School?
  6. 30 Years of Corporate Training & Education Technology – Bill West (Regatta VR CEO)
  7. Does Online Learning Improve Equity in Education? – Improving Equity in Education
  8. Chronas Provides a Google Maps of History with Over 50 Million Data Points
  9. Corporate Training Delivered Via 3D Game-Based Environments – Douglas Seifert (Syandus CEO)
  10. Who Are Online Students & What Are the Qualities of a Successful Online Student
  11. Investigating Screen Time in Edtech: Correlation vs. Causation
  12. What Do Online Program Managers Do? – Online Program Management
  13. The Non-Profit/OPM Pivot: How Some For-Profit Colleges Survive a Regulation-Heavy Climate: EdTech
  14. Measuring Learner Engagement with AI and a Webcam?
  15. Does Mobile Learning Lead to Device Addiction? – Challenges of Mobile Learning


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